Learn about new features on Google Photos

Google has been improving its photos app for a long. Apple photos are providing similar services as google photos so to retain the customer it introduced a new feature named now in competition with google photos. So, Google is introducing new features Cinematic photos’ and favorites detection in their app.

Feature 1: Cinematic Photos
So, this feature will allow you to revisit your memory in a way in which you’ll feel as if you have been taken back to the very moment when you clicked the picture. In simple words, it will showcase a regular picture from your gallery in 3D even if the actual picture does not have any depth information on it.

It will use machine learning to envisage an image’s depth and create a 3D representation of the scene. Following this, the app will use a virtual camera to add a smooth panning movement to the image. This will produce a 3D cinematic effect for a 2D image in a jiffy. You can check out a sample from Google right below.

google photos photo feature

Google Photos will automatically create the images when the feature becomes available to the public next month. You can surely turn it off if you want by tapping on your profile photo and then going to “Settings -> Memories -> Advanced -> toggle on/off Cinematic photos.”

Feature 2: Favorites Detection

On top of this, Memories will now feature some of the most important people in your life and very soon it will be able to show your favorite activities like hiking, cycling, etc. Plus, you will now be able to bar certain people and time windows from the Settings so that you can avoid a collage of the most embarrassing pictures in your gallery.

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