How to solve network list not showing problem in laptop?

If you are using windows you may have faced the problem of automatically disappearing of network list from the network and internet setting shortcut from the taskbar in windows. It happens a lot as windows updates are focusing not focusing on delivering performance.

It was the problem since the first release of windows. Whenever our laptop is connected to power and not turned off for long. After a long not use of laptop the wifi list automatically disappears and sometimes after restarting it will automatically pop up but sometimes it will be hidden and most of us don’t know how to take the wifi list back.

You can follow shot steps to get that menu back.

First, search device manager on the search and click to open device manager. The device manager consists of all devices connected to the computer.

Go to  Network adapters. There will be an option among the list of menus.

And click on the dropdown icon side of the network adapter and search for any hardware which contains word wireless or wifi. Here I have an intel driver installed so it shows intel(r) Wireless. In your case, it may be different but you can always search for drivers contain word wireless.

Right-click on that driver and click on update driver.

Then  Browse the pc for the drivers. Click the second option and locate a driver and install it manually.

And pick the let me pick the option in the pop-up window.  It will search for all similar drivers related to the wifi adapter.

After that, Choose any driver from the list Microsoft version is preferred.

After this screen pops up after these drivers will be updated.

After this message pops up and your device asks you to restart. If your wifi list doesn’t pop up then restart but if your wireless list doesn’t pop then restart the laptop.

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